ChessV 2.1 - What's New

  • A much stronger engine AI. I was really surprised at how much I was able to improve it. It is now even stronger than the old C++ versions of ChessV.
  • A ton of bug fixes. Thanks to Aurelian Florea for spending a significant amount of time testing and reporting issues! Hopefully all of the existing bugs have been fixed.
  • Several important new features:

    • Review Mode - it is now possible to enter Review Mode and step back and forth through any game whether finished or still in progress
    • Edit Position FEN - it is now possible to view the FEN of the current position, as well as set up a new position by providing an FEN
    • Multi-PV Analysis - it is now possible to analyze a position to find multiple best moves with their associated evaluations
    • Crash Reporting - any program crash should now provide an option to save a log file which will help me to identify and fix the issue
  • Support for new games:

  • New external engine - now includes SjaakII by Evert Glebbeek in addition to Fairy-Max (External engines are only included in the Windows Installer version)