ChessV 2.0 Release Candidate 2

ChessV is back with a new version, completely rewritten from scratch!
Six years in the making with over 250 files of source code

ChessV is a free, open-source universal chess program with a graphical user interface, sophisticated AI engine, and other features of traditional Chess programs. It currently plays over 60 different chess variants.

Version 2 has many improvements over previous versions, including:

  • A vastly improved user interface with better graphics and more features
  • In addition to providing a built-in computer opponent, ChessV 2 can also be used as a GUI to control other engines that support the XBoard protocol
  • The program is now a .NET Framework application, allowing better cross-platform support. It can run on non-Windows operating systems, such as Linux, using Mono
  • ChessV 2 is far more universal, allowing support for many more types of games. Here are some of the new features with examples of games that are now supported:

  • A scripting language, providing limited support for defining custom variants without needing to recompile ChessV itself. This feature is in early development and subject to change. For examples, look in the Include directory. The following games included with ChessV are implemented through the scripting language: Almost Chess, Butterfly Chess, Enep, Janus Kamil Chess, and Latrunculi duo milia et septum

The trade-off for all these improvements is that the internal engine is not as fast as original ChessV and the playing strength is somewhat weaker. For really deep analysis, use of the old version, for games that it supports, may be preferable. ChessV 0.95 is still available here.

Download ChessV 2.0 RC2

ChessV 2.0 RC2 Windows Installer
Installation program for use on Microsoft Windows operating systems. Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0. Also includes the Fairy-Max universal chess engine by H. G. Muller.
ChessV 2.0 RC2 (non-windows)
A zip containing the ChessV program for use on non-windows computers. There is no installation program - just unzip and run ChessV.exe under Mono.
ChessV 2.0 RC2 Source Code
C# source code and Visual Studio 2010 project files